Open House

The University of Faisalabad had its Open House in Health Sciences Campus on August 26, 2017. The event started at 10 am with orientation of the University which comprised of details regarding University Departments, Schools, facilities and academic programs. Heads of different Schools and Departments as well as members of University administration along with faculty members were present on the occasion. This was followed by a Q/A session after which the visitors were showed in to different laboratories, library, hostel and Madinah Teaching Hospital.

Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Personal Development”

One-Day Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Personal Development” under the umbrella of ORIC was arranged on August 21, 2017 in Health Sciences Campus, TUF.

Mr Tahir Mahmood Chaudhry, President & CEO Pakistan Institute of Entrepreneurship, Islamabad was the guest speaker.

A focus on personal as well as professional development and entrepreneurship in such a practical way provides a portal where the students could express and show out their output in relation to what is being learned in the classroom. It is also essential to support and encourage the students to start their own company after completion of their degree.

The specific learning outcomes included:

  • How to start your own Business
  • Be your own Boss, start today
  • Groom yourself to be a professional
  • How to Improve Industry Academia Linkage

The faculty and students actively attended the workshop and was appreciated by them.


Seminar on ‘Innovation in Research: The Latest Tools’

Seminar on ‘Innovation in Research: The Latest Tools’ under the umbrella of ORIC was arranged on Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 10:30 am for the faculty members of all schools of The University of Faisalabad and UMDC, Health Sciences campus.

Prof Dr Anwar Kamal, Head Department of Physiology/ Manager ORIC will be the facilitator. He highlighted the importance of innovation in research activities and projects conducted at the university. Dr Anwar Kamal also urged the faculty members to bring innovation into minor research activities conducted in their departments.

The seminar was well- attended by senior faculty members and HODs/ HOSs/ COSs of The University of Faisalabad and University Medical and Dental College as well as newly appointed faculty.


Independence Day Celebrations at TUF

The University of Faisalabad celebrated “Independence Day” in both the campuses. Prof Dr Abdul Majeed, Rector and Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Dean Faculty of Medicine & Allied Health Sciences unfurled the National Flag and National anthem was played. In their luminous messages they motivated the students to devote themselves for their studies for the prosperity and stability of their homeland. Faculty members, administrative staff and large number of students were present on the occasion. Students also expressed their views and sang national songs to pay homage to the martyrs of freedom. Special prayer was also offered for the stability, prosperity and integrity of the motherland.

Ambassador of Somalia visited TUF

H.E Mrs Khadija Mohamed Almakhzoumi, Ambassador of Somalia visited Health Sciences Campus of TUF on August 4, 2017. During the meeting with Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Dean Faculty of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences and other faculty members, the ambassador was briefed about the The University of Faisalabad, Madinah Teaching Hospital and other welfare projects running under the auspices of Madinah Foundation. The ambassador visited different departments and labs of the University and Madinah Teaching Hospital and appreciated the state-of- the-art infrastructure and standard of education in TUF. Speaking on the occasion, Mrs Khadija Mohamed Almakhzoumi said that a large number of students from Somalia are getting education in different universities of Pakistan. She showed keen interest to promote cooperation between embassy of Somalia and The University of Faisalabad so that more and more Somali students may get benefits from this Institute. She also planted a sapling in the University lawn.

World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day was observed in The University of Faisalabad on July 28, 2017. Addressing the audience Prof Dr Zahid Masood, HoD Community Medicine, UMDC stated that every 10th person in our country is suffering from one type of hepatitis or the other and the viral infection varies in severity from a self-limited condition with total recovery to a life-threatening or lifelong disease. According to medical experts, over 20 million people in Pakistan are infected with hepatitis B and C virus including around 15 million with C and five million with B and the disease is swelling at an alarming rate.

Owing to lack of preventive measures and treatment facilities, hepatitis prevalence in Pakistan is the highest on the globe.  WHO has given a target to eliminate viral hepatitis in next 13 years. World community responded by launching the first ever Nohep initiative which is now running successfully including Pakistan.

On the occasion Dr Uzma, Dr Hina, Dr Sehrish and MBBS students spoke on prevention and control of Hepatitis in Pakistan. An awareness walk on ‘World Hepatitis Day’ was also organized by Department of Medicine in Madinah Teaching Hospital.