Salt Awareness Day

Every year salt awareness day emboldens us on 1st February around the world to watch out for hidden and extra sources of salt in our diet that can raise blood pressure and lead to body organs malfunction. This year Nutrition Society under the umbrella of School Of Nutrition and Dietetics of The University Of Faisalabad organized this event along with salt march within the university with our Dean faculty of medicine and allied health sciences, Prof.Dr.Muhammad Saeed, HOD of School Of nutrition and dietetics Dr.Syed Jawwad Hussain along with students and faculty of the nutrition department. The future nutritionists not only participated in the “Salt Awareness Poster Competition” but with outmost zeal and zest arranged a campaign, monitoring the blood pressure of individuals and counselling them regarding the dietary guidelines to beat hypertension. The event was a success as the School Of Nutrition aims to contribute more everyday in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.