Seminar on Motivational Behavior

A documentary on the topic “Motivational Behavior” was presented on 26th August, 2016 at Engineering Campus (TUF).Students from different schools presented documentary films on the motivational behavior. Muhammad Asghar Siddiqui HoS Textile Engineering delieverd speech on the same topic. He said that only a motivated person can achieve his objectives/goals in an organization.

Dr. Khalil stated that motivational behavior of a person is related to its activities which lead him toward success. Motivational behavior inspires a person to achieve success among other people. inspiration of particular faculty drives a person to achieve his goals and objectives.

“Poster Competition” School of Rehabilitation Sciences

A poster competition was organized by Rehabilitation Society, The University of Faisalabad on Friday August 26, 2016. Theme of the Poster was “Neuro Rehabilitation”. Students from various semesters of School actively participated in the poster competition. Winners were awarded cash prizes and certificates of appreciation. Chief guest Professor Dr. Abdul Majeed, Rector the University of Faisalabad inaugurated the event. Judges for the poster competition were Mr Hamid Nawaz Sheikh, Controller Examination, Prof Ashfaq Ahmad, Additional Registrar, Mr. Saleem Kiyani, Directror Press and Publications. Dr Ahmad Bilal Arif AP/HoS appreciated the participants for their active participation in poster competition.

seminar on Gazwae-e-Ahzab

A seminar on Gazwae-e-Ahzab was held on Wednesday 24 Augusts 2016 under the auspices of the School of the Arabic sciences. The function was presided over by Sheikh Hamid Nawaz Controller Examinations of The University of Faisalabad. Dr Mahfouz Ahmad head of the School of Arabic and Islamic sciences delivered a lecture about Gazwae Ahzab and said that the gazwa was a significant chapter of seerate –e-Tayyabia (SAW) which provides a complete guidance to the whole humanity particularly in government affairs and its responsibility regarding war affairs. Dr Mahfouz further highlighted the miraculous and the highest status of the Holy Prophet (PBU H).

At last sheikh Hamid Nawaz Addressed the Audience and the seminar ended with Darood-o- Salam.

Continuing Professional Development Program

A CPD course on the process design and simulation was held on August 16,2016 under auspices of the School of Chemical Engineering, The University of Faisalabad.The chief guest was Dr Mahmood Saleem Professor of Chemical Engineering from the University of Punjab. Simulation is used for the design development, analysis and optimization of the technical processes such as: Chemical Plant, Chemical Processes, Environmental Systems, Power Stations, Complex Manufacturing Operations, Biological Processes, and similar technical functions .Participants from universities (NFC, UET Faisalabad) took part in this course.

TUF celebrates “Independence Day” with patriotic zest and enthusiasm

The University of Faisalabad celebrated “Independence Day” with patriotic zest and enthusiasm.   The ceremony was started with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by Naat-e-Rasool (SAW).

Prof Dr Abdul Majeed, Rector and Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Dean Faculty of Medicine & Allied Health Sciences unfurled the National Flag and National anthem was played.   Faculty members, administrative staff and large number of students were present on the occasion.

In his address, Prof Dr Abdul Majeed told that the day is an occasion to promote patriotism and national unity. Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed added that this day makes us realize and remember the sacrifices of our ancestors.

In their luminous messages they motivated the students to devote themselves for their studies for the prosperity and stability of their homeland.

Students also expressed their views and sang national songs to pay homage to the martyrs of freedom. Special prayer was also offered for the stability, prosperity and integrity of the motherland and unity of the Muslim Ummah.

Kidnappings of little children all over Punjab

Guys, I’m sure everyone has been hearing the news about the kidnappings of little children all over Punjab. Around 700 kids have gone missing, with 300 from Lahore alone.

I just wanna tell everyone that the threat is VERY real. It can happen to anyone. The kidnappers come in gangs, snatch children from their parents, take them away in cars. The children’s eyes and organs are removed, and their bodies are dumped in acid to remove evidence. A boy as old as 15 years was kidnapped as well.
My request is to please please share this info with your family members, and take extra care of your kids when you leave the house. Only take them outside if you *absolutely* have to, otherwise avoid useless trips. Make sure they are with a strong, responsible adult who can protect them, and can stay ever-vigilant. It’s safer to go in a car, but if you’re walking, then please hold their hands and don’t let them out of your sight for even a second. There’s safety in numbers, so try to make sure there is more than one adult with the kids.

May Allah protect us and our children from these monsters, may He unleash His fury on their wretched souls.

A Seminar on the Martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Taqi (R.A)

A seminar on the martyrdom of “Hazrat Imam Taqi (R.A)” was held on August 3, 2016 under the auspicious of Religious Society the School of Arabic and Islamic Sciences, The University of Faisalabad. It was presided by Prof Dr Abdul Majeed Rector of The University of Faisalabad. The chief guest and guest speaker was Dr Syed Azfar Haider Naqvi, who delivered a comprehensive lecture on the martyrdom, character, qualities, knowledge and life of Hazrat Imam Taqi (R.A).Speaker put some special light on the avuncular of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

The function ended with Salat-o-Salam and Dua.


The aim of Faculty development program at “The University of Faisalabad” is to connect faculty members on teaching and learning. FDP has strived to build knowledge community by refining the teachers’ self-concept and enhancing their self-esteem via building their capacities as effective teachers, reflective practitioners and compassionate facilitators and human transformers. In this connection Engr. Muhammad Ishfaq and Engr. M.Saad Sharif Lecturers from Electrical engineering department conducted a workshop on “Teaching as a profession” and “Civic responsibilities and rights of a citizen”.