Free Physical Therapy Camp

The University of Faisalabad always focuses on the community welfare projects. In furtherance of this objective, a free physical therapy camp was arranged on July 26, 2016 by TUF Rehabilitation Society. Patients were provided with the facilities of,

  1. Consultation with Physical therapist
  2. Consultation with Nutritionist
  3. BMI (Body mass index) calculation
  4. Consultation with audiologist and speech therapist
  5. B.P Monitoring
  6. Blood sugar level test
  7. Serum Uric acid test
  8. Free diet chart
  9. Free medicine.

 Patient turnout remained remarkably good as 235 patients were examined  out of which 134 were male and 101 female patients and were provided consultation to improve their health by qualified healthcare professionals. Students and faculty members also visited to get awareness of this program chalked out for the patients.