Awareness Seminar was organized by the department of Community Medicine on “CONGO FEVER”. Prof Dr Zahid Masood HoD Community Medicine dept Dr Sumera and Dr Uzma spoke on mode of transmission, prevention and control of this fatal disease. It was explained that disease was transmitted by a virus through a tick seen commonly on sheep and cattle. Methods of prevention were shared with audience as well. Virus could be transmitted to human by contact with infected ticks. Large number of students attended the awareness seminar.

TUF Celebrates Independence Day with Patriotic Spirit and Fervour

The University of Faisalabad celebrated “Independence Day” with patriotic spirit and passion on 14th August. Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Pro Rector, Health Sciences Wing and Prof Dr Zahir Javed Paracha, Pro Rector, Engineering Wing unfurled the National Flag and National anthem was played. In their luminous messages, they motivated the students to devote themselves for their studies for the prosperity and stability of their homeland.
Students expressed their views and sang national songs to pay homage to the martyrs of freedom. Special prayer was also offered for the stability, prosperity and integrity of the motherland.

RECON 2018- National Medical Researchers

Students of UMDC participated under the supervision of Dr Saba Tariq in “RECON 2018- National Medical Researchers’ Forum” which was held in Rawalpindi Medical University. Seventy Medical Colleges from all over the country were invited. More than 100 abstracts were presented but only a few managed to win the prizes. UMDC won 3rd Prize in the research titled “Frequency of “Burn Out” among Junior Doctors” presented by 4th Year MBBS students Aleena Akram and Anum Iyaz. Students were awarded with certificates and shields. They also thanked their Community Medicine HoD Dr Zahid Masood and team for supervising these research paper

TUFIANS Tree Plantation Drive

The University of Faisalabad organised “TUFIANS Tree Plantation Drive” in the university lawn in continuation of Independence Day celebrations. Faculty members, Administration and Students enthusiastically participated in this ‘Tree Plantation Drive’ to make Pakistan greener and to restore its Eco balance. On this occasion, Ms Zahida Maqbool, Additional Registrar, planted a sapling. In her address she told the students that it was our national responsibility to plant and protect trees and save environment for our coming generations. This year, University is celebrating “Independence Day” with the spirit to make Pakistan green. Senior Faculty members and students planted saplings in the University premises. At the end, students gathered and raised slogan “Go Green Pakistan”

Find the Missing Millions – World Hepatitis Day

Hepatitis Awareness Society, UMDC under the supervision of Department of Medical Education and Department of Gastroenterology, MTH organized as series of activities from July 28 to July 31, 2018 to mark World Hepatitis Day.

Seminar and awareness walk were held in Madinah Teaching Hospital.  Dr Shahid Rasool, HoD, Gastroenterology and Hepatology delivered lecture to MBBS student, paramedical staff and faculty members regarding prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis B and C.

During the seminar held in Saleem Auditorium, TUF Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Principal UMDC, Dr Sofia Haneef, Dr Ahmad Babar and Dr Shahid Rasool delivered comprehensive talks regarding prevalence and management of hepatitis in Pakistan.

Later, a poster competition amongst the students of MBBS was held to increase awareness about viral hepatitis in the community.

Hepatitis Awareness Society also organized screening camps in MTH and TUF. The camps activity turned out to be really successful as it helped many patients in MTH to find out about their hidden illness. In Health Sciences Campus, Hepatitis B screening on more than 250 individuals including students and staff members was performed by the trained members of Society.

Use of Smart phones by students; how to handle it smartly

Faculty Development programs strengthen the professional development of the faculty members who deal directly with students. One such interactive session, “Use of Smart phones by students; how to handle it smartly!” was organized by Department of Medical Education, UMDC on July 24, 2018 at Health Sciences Campus, TUF. Prof Dr Sadia Hameed gave a brief power point presentation regarding history and uses of Smart phones. Dr Saba Tariq emphasized to create awareness and educate the students about disadvantages of smart phones. Pro Rector, Health Sciences Campus, Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, emphasized the faculty to be the positive role models. The audience endorsed his recommendation of smart phone free one day.

Effect of intradepartmental harmony on Academic performance of students

An interactive session on “Effect of intradepartmental harmony on Academic performance of students” was organized under the umbrella of Department of Medical education, UMDC as a faculty development program on July 23, 2018. Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Principal UMDC, Prof Dr Sadia Hameed, Prof Dr Zahid Masood Khan, Dr Sumera Shahzad and Dr Shirza Nadeem were speakers.  The audience endorsed that intradepartmental harmony & coordination is a key factor in achieving excellence.  Speakers stressed the need to build good relationship among senior and junior faculty members with mutual respect and courtesy.

School of Interior Design

School of Interior Design, TUF conducted its first Thesis Grad Show with their pioneer batch at the Health Sciences Campus. The students presented their work along with dissertation report & physical models and gave a defensive critique to a diverse jury panel from Lahore. The jurors had a constructive critique and praised the students for their well sought out research and designed projects.

Delicacies of Student Teacher Interactions

The Work shop on “Delicacies of Student Teacher Interactions” was arranged by the Quality Enhancement Cell. It was conducted on Saturday July 14, 2018 in Health Sciences Campus of The University of Faisalabad. Worthy Pro Rector, Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed spoke on the topic. The basic purpose of this interactive session was to facilitate all faculty members to improve the student teacher relationship.

‘Spoken Arabic Course’ Closing Ceremony

School of Arabic and Islamic Sciences, TUF organized a two month ‘Spoken Arabic Course’ for female students in Health Sciences Campus. Closing ceremony of the course was held on July 03, 2018, presided by Prof Dr Syed Jawwad Hussain. Prof Ghulam Haider Chishti, Head School of Arabic Islamic Sciences in his address highlighted importance of the course. He told that learning Arabic would help us in better understanding of Islam. ‘Arabic is a tool that will help us to learn about the Holy Quran and our Islamic history’ he added.

Guest of Honour, Dr Najma Bano, Head Department of Arabic, Government College Women University Faisalabad in her address appreciated the management of TUF for organizing such a useful course for females. The participants of the course ware awarded with certificates.