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A World No Tobacco Day webinar organized by the Department of Community Medicine was held on 29th May 2021, from 09.30-11.30 am. It was conducted over MS Teams app under the supervision of Assoc Prof Dr Sumera Riaz (webinar moderator and organizer). The objectives were to highlight the role of tobacco smoking as a risk factor for various infective diseases and lung cancer, as well as the correlation between lung damage caused by smoking and how it may impact infectivity and disease progression in COVID-19 patients. Prof Dr Saira Afzal (Dean of Public Health and Preventive Medicine & Chairperson Department of Community Medicine at KEMU, Lahore) joined the webinar as a keynote speaker to share her experience as a public health researcher to call attention to the social and personal dilemmas which lead to the cultivation of smoking habit among youth, the adverse effects of tobacco-based products with a special focus on Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDs) and how their use may affect rate of transmissibility of coronavirus among the younger population.




Participants of webinar

The second speaker Assoc Prof Dr Mohammed Khalid (Clinical Oncologist & Head of Radiotherapy/Oncology Department at Allied Hospital, Faisalabad) shared data highlighting the correlation between smoking and different types of cancers and the disease burden regarding lung cancer in our community. He also stressed the importance of early diagnosis & treatment stating that although various advanced treatment modalities are available across Pakistan, most cases do not present in hospitals until the late stages of the disease, when management can only be performed through palliative measures, contributing to a high mortality rate.




Students enthusiast contribution against TOBACCO usage