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School of Nutritional Sciences celebrated World Food Day and held a Project display. Prof Akmal Shareef and Prof Dr Jawaad Hussain evaluated the projects. World Food Day is annually held on October 16 to commemorate the founding of the United Nations' (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Each year has a different theme. The event was organized to raise awareness of problems in food supply and distribution

Students hold Project display in line with World Food Day


The United Nation Organisation’s Food and Agriculture Association (FAO) was established on 16th October in 1945. To commemorate this day, World Food Day is celebrated every year with a new theme. The objective is to create awareness about the existing problems of obesity and malnutrition due to hunger. All the 150 member states participate in the celebration by organising activities and events in an effort to end hunger and promote a healthy lifestyle. Thousands of outreach activities held on this day bring together businesses, governments, the media, NGOs and the general public to help those who cannot afford even one meal a day.