Workshop “Understanding Research”

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ORIC, TUF organized a talk series for researchers and faculty members in the Engineering wing. The guest speaker of the talk was Dr Sohail Jabbar, Associate Professor, Department of Computational Sciences. He described the notion of research in detail. While explaining the idea of research he said, neither every work done is categorized as research, nor every outcome is worth publication nor is every venue considerable of publishing the research work. It is always tricky to pursue the tasks in the right direction, from work done to its availability for people. He further explained that the purpose of organizing this talk series is to address different curiosities such as article\project\thesis write up, weightage and levels of publication venues, submission systems, and how to find and proceed towards suitable and worthwhile venues for publishing their work, research policies, and ethics. This talk is the first part of this series. The talk was attended by faculty members while few members attended this by joining an online platform. Researchers and other faculty members find this lecture suitable for them.




Dr Sohail Jabbar explaining the notion of research




Faculty members attending the talk