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On January 15, 2020, Department of Medical Education UMDC, in collaboration with Kaplan Medical University, USA and AMOpportunities, USA has designed an exclusive Career Planning Workshop for the students of MBBS & BDS students and graduates who are confused about which career path they should choose to make a successful living. The workshop comprises of various activities and interactive sessions which help in identifying and exploring every student’s character attributes, wants, interests, qualities, weaknesses, abilities and tendency which ultimately help the students in planning their career. Time tested and globally standardized techniques for psychological evaluation enable a precise correlation of abilities, potentials & their application in practical life


Mr Muhammad Ali, Business Development Manager, Emerging Visions was there to conduct online live sessions from USA with Kaplan and AMO representatives. Ms Maham Asmat and Ms Safeena Ishfaq from final year MBBS moderated the workshop.


Mr Muhammad Ali conducting the online session from USA