Workshop “Latest Trends and Emerging Technology”

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Faculty Development Program is considered to be an important factor to empower faculty members. It builds a strong foundation of educational institutions to ensure quality education. ORIC, TUF organized a training session under the title of “Latest Trends and Emerging Technology” on January 25, 2021. The guest speaker was Dr Sohail Jabbar, Associate Professor, Department of Computational Sciences, TUF.

Dr Sohail Jabbar highlighting the importance of latest trends and emerging technology

Dr Sohail Jabbar delivering lecture

In his lecture, Dr Sohail Jabbar explained the importance of the latest trends and emerging technology that how technology advances our lives. He also explained how these technologies come with the potential to help us to solve some of our most pressing global challenges.During his lecture, he also defined all those sources that predict and highlight these emerging technologies. Among those, World Economic Forum, Gartner's top 10 tech trends, Ten Breakthrough Technologies by MIT Technology Review, Educause' Horizon Report, and Patents Based Prediction are some of the most authentic sources.

Faculty members attentively listening to Dr Sohail Jabbar

Faculty members and students listening session

During concluding session , faculty members shared opinions about the sessions and they all found it useful.