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The University of Faisalabad organized Faculty Development Program, a lecture series to empower and train in-house faculty members. On January 25, 2021, the session was organized under the title of Workplace Ergonomics. The guest speaker was Dr Osama Saeed, PT Demonstrator/Coordinator at the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, TUF. In the training session, he explained musculoskeletal disorders among office workers. Musculoskeletal disorders are disorders of the muscles, nerves, joints, cartilage and work-related musculoskeletal disorders define those conditions in which work environment and performance of work contribute significantly to the condition. He made people aware of the importance of keeping correct work posture, proper ergonomics, and comfortable workstation. Plus he explained different exercises which workers can easily perform at their workstations. He encouraged faculty members to adopt correct posture and modify their habits to avoid conditions like neck pain, back pain, etc.




Faculty members attentively listening talk on “Workplace Ergonomics”

At the end of the training session, faculty members shared their opinions and found the lecture quite useful.