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A seminar to commemorate the death anniversary of Hazrat Bibi Sakina (SA), the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hassan Askari (AS) and birth anniversary of Hazrat Imam Ali Raza (AS) was held in Health Sciences campus. Students from School of Arabic and Islamic Sciences threw light on the teachings and holy lives of these great personalities. The seminar culminated with Drood o Salam and Dua. Sakina was Imam Husayn's most beloved child. Our Imam was often heard to say, “A house without Sakina would not be worth living in!” She always had a sweet and cheerful smile and a very friendly nature. Other children sought her company as much as the grown-ups did. She was very generous and always shared whatever she had with others. There was a special bond between Hazrat Abbas and Sakina. He loved her more than he did his own children. If Sakina requested for anything, Abbas would not rest until he satisfied her request. There was nothing that Abbas would not do to make Sakina happy.

Students throwing light on teachings and holy lives of great personalities