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TUF Entrepreneur Society organized an international webinar on “Personal Excellence” on March 27, 2021. The webinar was planned to acknowledge an awareness of developing emotional and cognitive skills to perform better in all aspects of lives and to achieve personal excellence. In opening session, Dr Malkah Noor Kiani provided an overview of the importance of discussing personal excellence. Then, Dr Ghulam Dastageer, the chief guest speaker, shed light on the concept of personal excellence about the individual’s responsibilities. How to acknowledge the real worth, the formula to achieve success, the power of opting choices, and looking for solutions to one's problem were some of the key aspects which were debated during the online international webinar. Participants raised many questions and provided comments on the scope of personal excellence. These questions and perspectives were then re-addressed by Dr Ghulam Dastageer in a question & answer session. The moderator Dr Malkah Noor Kiani thanked the chief resource person for sharing the valuable information and healthy discussion.




Dr Malkah Noor Kiani in opening session of webinar

Students and faculty members attending the webinar

Dr Ghulam Dastageer shedding light on the topic of personal excellence