Webinar “Dynamic horizons in the field of Cosmetic Sciences"

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Continuing the journey towards active and effective learning during COVID-19 pandemic, Department of Dermatological Sciences in association with TUF Society for Skin Care organized a webinar on “Dynamic horizons in the field of Cosmetic Sciences" under the supervision of Head of Department Prof Dr Tanzeela Khalid and Coordinator Dr Rabia Mahmood.




Dr Sidra Meer sharing her views on Dynamic horizons in the field of Cosmetic Sciences

The guest speaker Dr Sidra Meer, PhD scholar and Assistant Professor Department of Pharmacy, TUF, provided an extensive knowledge covering the milestones like scope of herbal cosmetics in skincare, types of skin care formulations, their base formulas and instruments used for this purpose. In the end, she conducted an interactive session with the participants by answering to their queries. This event equipped the participants with a great deal of knowledge and understanding in the field of Cosmetic Sciences.




Participants of webinar