Things You Need to Know About Activated Sludge System

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Associate Professor Dr. Shamsul Rahman Mohamed Kutty delivered lecture through Webinar on Thursday November 4th, 2021 to faculty and students of Department of Civil Engineering on the topic “Things You Need to Know about Activated Sludge System”. He discussed various wastewater treatment methods in Malaysia and compared the treatment methods of wastewater in different countries.


Prof. Dr Shamsul is delivering online lecture

He discussed the importance of activated sludge system in order to get more accurate values of effluent discharge with the already set rules and parameters. He concluded that with the help of this technique, we can treat the wastewater more efficiently than other available methods of wastewater with the help of microbial addition.


Prof. Dr Shamsul is breifing to students about topic

At the end of the session, participants asked the questions to the speaker and fruitful discussion was held.


Faculty & Students during the online lecture