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The University of Faisalabad (TUF) organized a seminar on Sultan Baahoo" (RA) co-hosted by Auqaf Department. The seminar aims at highlighting the teachings, thoughts and different dimensions particularly leadership aspect of personality of Hadrat Sultan Bahoo and also the role He played in guiding people from materialism to spiritual ascension, from worldly joys to inner contentment and also in making human aware of his real status. Eminent scholars and literary figures were invited to the seminar to share their view, articles and research on Hadrat Sultan Bahoo with the audience.

Teachings and thoughts of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo highlighted during the seminar


Hazrat Sultan Bahoo, an eminent Sufi mystic of the Muslim world, is also known as Sultan-ul-Arifeen & Sultan-ul-Faqr due to his spiritual excellence. The exact number of books written by Sultan Bahu is not known, but it is assumed to be at least one hundred. Forty of them are on Sufism and Islamic mysticism. Most of his writings are in the Persian Language except Abyat-e-Bahoo which is written in Punjabi verse. The shrine of Sultan Bahu is located in Garh Maharaja, Punjab.