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A Series of Advance Training Workshops was organized by the School of English Language and Literature from March 15 to April 17, 2019. The workshops invited experts from different areas of Linguistics and Literature, who imparted students with specific in-depth knowledge and training regarding their respective fields. The main concept behind the training was to create a bridge between theoretical aspects of teaching, corpus, English language phonology, and grammar, as well as theories of literature, with their respective practices in both teaching and research. The series comprised of four workshops,the details of which are as follows: 1. Workshop on “Phonological Adjustments of English Sounds for Urdu and Punjabi Native Speakers” on 15 th March. Resource Person: Irfan Hussain 2. Workshop on “Post-Colonialism – Contemporary Advancements in Theory and Practice” on 20th March. Resource Person: Prof Dr Muhammad Asif 3. Workshop on “Corpus Linguistics Tools and Techniques” on 5 th April. Resource Person: Prof Dr Muhammad Asim Mahmood 4. Workshop on “Systemic Functional Linguistics as an Alternative to Traditional Means of Language Description” on 17 th April. Resource Person: Dr Muhammad Qasim Students of School of English attended the workshops with great zeal. They were later evaluated on the basis of quizzes and practical work, of which the results were announced and position holders for either categories were given prizes. The training sessions hold great significance in achieving the learning outcomes of the plethora of courses that the students have been taught so far and are going to be taught in the future. In addition, they contribute in providing a great deal of exposure to the students regarding the field they may specialize after the completion of their respective degree programs.