Seminar being organized on “Teachings of Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam (RA)”

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School of Arabic and Islamic Sciences organized a seminar on “Teachings of Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam (Razi Allah Taala Anho)” in Health Sciences Wing. Ms Ayesha Batool and students from School of Islamic Sciences highlighted his holy life, character and teachings of Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam (RA). They also offered Manaqab of Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam (RA). Speaking on the occasion, Ms Zahida Maqbool, Additional Registrar stressed upon the audience to follow the teachings of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadri Jillani (RA) for success in both the worlds.


Students paying tribute to Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam (RA)


Abd al-Qadir Gilani was a preacher, ascetic, mystic, jurist, and theologian, who was known for being the eponymous founder of the Qadiriyya tariqa (Sufi order) of Sufism. He spent most of his time learning knowledge. He has done struggles for it and spent his time in the company of famous saints and scholars of his time. He continued to gain spiritual and religious knowledge from them and a time came when he was the most exalted among these famous scholars and saints. He detached himself from worldly matters and started preaching Islam and remained in the remembrance of Allah.