Seminar on “World Blood Donor Day”

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Department of Pathology, UMDC has been celebrating World Blood Donors Day on every 14th June under the flag of The University of Faisalabad for many years. The basic purpose of observing this day is to make the general population aware about the demand of blood donation, indications, donor selection criteria, complications and management. Different activities like blood camps, seminars, workshops and quiz competitions have been acquired to meet the cause. This year bearing in mind the COVID pandemics; a seminar was given by the department as an integrative session involving the collaboration of departments of Medical Education, Medicine, Community Medicine and Diagnostic centre of Madinah Teaching Hospital following COVID-19, SOPs strictly.In opening session, Prof Dr Shazia Aslam Head, Department of Pathology gave a welcome speech to the faculty members, participants and the students of 4th year MBBS and DMLS semester VIII.




Prof Dr Shazia Aslam, Dr Shirza Nadeem, Dr Sumera Riaz, Dr Salman Azhar and others sharing their views with participants

After the official opening remarks, students from 4th year MBBS presented a heartwarming skit emphasizing the worth of blood donation. Afterwards Assistant professor of Pathology Department Dr Sadia Ijaz highlighted the state of the art laboratory equipment and certified services available in Madinah Teaching Hospital Diagnostic centre ready to serve round the clock to assure uninterrupted services for the donors and recipients. In her presentation she introduced the autologous transfusion as an emerging mode of transfusion in which patient donates his or her own blood before intervention to be transfused later on. She also elaborated the donor selection criteria and deferral criteria for blood donation.

This session was followed by an enlightening presentation delivered by Associate Professor and Head of Department of Community Medicine Dr Sumera Riaz. She highlighted the types of infections which can be transmitted by transfusions and their screening methods. Dr Salman Azhar Assistant Professor of Medicine from the Department of General Medicine threw light upon the acute and chronic complication of blood transfusion and their management. He accentuated the role of monitoring throughout the time in which transfusion is taking place. Fiza Nadeem student of Department of Pathology, DMLS VIII gave her presentation regarding the transfusion transmitted infections and their screening. The seminar was concluded by the words of thanks by Head, Department of Forensic Medicine and Coordinator Department of Basic Science, UMDC Dr Shirza Nadeem. She maintained the spirit of occasion and gave her valuable comments.


Students performing in skit to raise awareness on the importance of blood donation