Seminar on “Industrial Applications of Electron Beam”

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A Seminar on “Industrial Applications of Electron Beam” was organized in Health Sciences Campus of TUF on February 20, 2019. Renowned Pakistani scientist and researcher Dr Shaukat Parvez former Chairman PCSIR Islamabad was the guest speaker. In his presentation about Electron Beam (E-Beam) technology, Dr Shaukat Parvez told that E-Beam was the abbreviation for an environmentally safe, heat and solvent free technique. E-Beam technology is highly useful in various fields. In USA and European countries it is being used in different fields i.e Aseptic packages, Food preservations, Polymer cross linking, Heat shrink polymer, Wires and cables, Sterilization of medical devices, Pharmaceutics, Pollution control, Semiconductors production, Rubber and tyres curing, Composite material curing, Coloring of Glass & Gems industry and many more. This technology reduces, eliminates diseases causing micro- organisms from Pharma & Food products. It Increases the shelf life of food products with no change in nutritional value. It is preferred technology by the industry due to cost effectiveness. Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Pro Rector (Health Sciences) and Prof Dr Zahir Javed Paracha Pro Rector (Engineering) also shared their views and showed keen interest to use E-Beam technology for scientific research in the University. Muhammad Haider Amin, Chairman BoG in his concluding remarks thanked the guest speaker for his valuable lecture.