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A panel discussion and experts talk session was conducted by School of Rehabilitation Sciences in Health Sciences wing, TUF on September 5, 2019. The session was well coordinated by Dr Nazia Junaid; PT. Renowned Physical Therapy Clinicians from all over the Faisalabad including: Dr Shahid Ahmad Heera; PT, Dr Shaista Bano; PT, Dr Farzana Fahad; PT, Dr Maria Tayyab; PT, Dr Awais bin Inam; PT, Dr Basit Mehmood; PT, Dr Asif Saleem; PT, Dr Abbas Jutt; PT and Dr Tamjeed Ghaffar; PT were actively involved. The discussion was about the need of PT Council, the main aim as the profession needs a proper recognition and incentives. The need of the research methodology in the practical life apart from the curricular domain was discussed too. A great emphasis was on improving and polishing the skills of all of the DPT students for enhancing their abilities to work as skilled therapists with their better clinical experiences. This all can be achieved when a separate council is formed as every voice needs a platform to be heard and so is the same with Physical Therapists of Pakistan.