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The Department of Pediatrics Madinah Teaching Hospital organized one day workshop on “Neonatal Life Support”. This course targeted the junior doctors and staff nurses being involved directly in the first-hand care of the newborns. Special emphasis was laid on hands-on practice of maintaining the airway and immediate neonatal resuscitation to avoid serious complications. Neonatal resuscitation is an essential skill for obstetric and neonatal care providers, especially for junior doctors who are often the first persons to attend to a newborn in need of resuscitation.

Experts briefing about practice of maintaining airway and immediate neonatal resuscitation

Neonatal resuscitation also known as newborn resuscitation is an emergency procedure focused on supporting the approximately 10% of newborn children who do not readily begin breathing, putting them at risk of irreversible organ injury and death. Through positive airway pressure, and in severe cases chest compressions, medical personnel can often stimulate neonates to begin breathing on their own, with attendant normalization of heart rate. About a quarter of all neonatal deaths globally are caused by birth asphyxia. This dangerous condition of oxygen deprivation may begin before birth, for example, if the umbilical cord, which supplies oxygen throughout fetal development, is compressed during delivery. Depending on how quickly and successfully the infant is resuscitated, hypoxic damage can occur to most of the infant's organs (heart, lungs, liver, gut, kidneys), although brain injury known as neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy is of most concern.