Pakistan’s Music icons Rocks The University of Faisalabad

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Pakistan’s music icons Sahir Ali Bagga, Farhana Maqsood, and Ifra enthralled the students with their energetic live performance at The University of Faisalabad Musical Night-2020 in Engineering Wing.

Music stars were welcomed by approximately 5000 die hard fans at The University of Faisalabad on February 24, 2020. During the concert, Sahir Ali Bagga continued to put up an all-encompassing fantastic show, crooned his top songs.The crowd was well behaved and though at one point towards the end, almost everyone was in front of the stage, making videos, taking pictures and getting as much of the rock star as they could, there was no misbehaving at all.



Moreover, renowned comedian Sajjad Jani also amused the audience with his performance and received immense applause and admiration.