Madinah Foundation organizes Mass Marriage of 30 couples

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The University of Faisalabad organized Mass Marriage for 30 couples under the auspices of Madinah Foundation on March 30, 2018. Prof Dr Zahir Javed Paracha, Pro Rector Engineering Campus, TUF was the Chief Guest of the event. Renowned religious scholars Sahibzada Raza ul Mustafa Noori and Qari Niaz Ahmad offered Khutba Nikah, Qaseeda Burda Sharrif and Qaseeda Ghosia. They prayed for newly wedded couples. The marriage expenditure of 30 orphan and deserving girls from Faisalabad and surrounding areas was borne by Madinah Foundation. The couples were given dowry and more than 1500 guests were served lunch. Administration and Students of the University participated enthusiastically in the arrangements of the event. Members of Women Foundation, The University of Faisalabad presented gifts to the brides. The guests appreciated the services of Madinah Foundation and The University of Faisalabad for this noble cause.