Lecture on “Transcend into your higher self”

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The University of Faisalabad organized a series of faculty development program to empower and train faculty members. A lecture was conducted by the Department of Management Studies under the title of “Transcend into your higher self” on February 22, 2021. The guest speaker was Ms Rakia Imtiaz. She described the importance of medication and personal Intuition for the improvement of personal standards. She further explained how medication and intuition help in developing a personal vision and helps in identifying true potential. Her focus of the lecture was to define the role of personality development in our life. She highlighted its importance in enhancing skills, mental conditioning, and habit creation. She also linked the idea with personal growth. At the end of the lecture, she guided on how to deal with personal development for professional growth? Moreover, she shared different techniques to get benefitted from it.

Ms Rakia Imtiaz delivering her lecture

Faculty members listening to Ms Rakia Imtiaz