Lecture on “Blockchain Technology”

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The University of Faisalabad organized a lecture series of a faculty development program to empower its faculty members. A lecture on " Blockchain Technology" was conducted in Engineering wing on 26 January 2021.The guest speaker of the session was Muhammad Rehman Shahid, lecturer in the Department of Computational Sciences at TUF.

Muhammad Rehman Shahid presenting his notion to audience

Muhammad Rehman Shahid describing importance of BlockChain Technology

In this training session, Muhmmad Rehman Shahid described the concept of BlockChain. He said that, in the old days of mainframe-driven computing, there were not many options available when it came to building a network. For today’s organizations,however, there are several choices to consider, allowing them to construct a network that meets their unique business needs. One of the most important considerations, however, is whether they want to use a centralized or a decentralized network.

Faculty members attentively listening the lecturer

At the end of the session, faculty members asked queries related to the session and they all found the session informative.