Find the Missing Millions – World Hepatitis Day

News & Events


Hepatitis Awareness Society, UMDC under the supervision of Department of Medical Education and Department of Gastroenterology, MTH organized as series of activities from July 28 to July 31, 2018 to mark World Hepatitis Day. Seminar and awareness walk were held in Madinah Teaching Hospital. Dr Shahid Rasool, HoD, Gastroenterology and Hepatology delivered lecture to MBBS student, paramedical staff and faculty members regarding prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis B and C. During the seminar held in Saleem Auditorium, TUF Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Principal UMDC, Dr Sofia Haneef, Dr Ahmad Babar and Dr Shahid Rasool delivered comprehensive talks regarding prevalence and management of hepatitis in Pakistan. Later, a poster competition amongst the students of MBBS was held to increase awareness about viral hepatitis in the community. Hepatitis Awareness Society also organized screening camps in MTH and TUF. The camps activity turned out to be really successful as it helped many patients in MTH to find out about their hidden illness. In Health Sciences Campus, Hepatitis B screening on more than 250 individuals including students and staff members was performed by the trained members of Society.