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The University of Faisalabad organized a series of Faculty development programs to empower and train faculty members. On January 25, 2021, a lecture was conducted by the Department of Management Science under the title of “Entrepreneurship”. The guest speaker was Mr Asim Sarwar, Lecturer in the Department of Management Studies at The University of Faisalabad.

Mr Asim Akhtar delivering his lecture to faculty members

Mr Asim Akhtar explaining notion of business ideas

He also shared about different sources for business ideas and what are those different methods that are quite helpful in generating new ideas. In the sessions, he also mentioned different causes and reasons for the failure of new businesses. He shared the most suitable marketing plans and also provided guidelines regarding writing business plans. At the end of the training session, faculty members shared their opinions and posted quires that were answered by the guest speaker.

Faculty members attentively listening lecture

Faculty members attentively listening lecture