Diabetes Awareness Counseling & Screening Camp Held

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Diabetes Awareness Counseling & Screening Camp was organized by Final Year Students of School of Nutritional Sciences. It was Inaugurated by Prof Dr Zahid Masood. The purpose of the camp was to create awareness in the people at large, regarding diabetes, its prevention and management and to stress the importance and need of proper and healthy food, regular physical activity and exercise. Students also distributed pamphlets on this occasion, a free camp also included for sugar test where the number of students tested sugar. Speaking on the occasion speakers told the public that Diabetes is the one among the highest cause of death in the world.


Students conducting free sugar tests under the supervision of experts


According to the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization, a person dies from diabetes complications every seven seconds. There are currently 5 million people worldwide with diabetes, Worldwide, 200 children are becoming diabetic every day. Especially women should be careful because one woman out of 10 has diabetes, one of the seven children is born on the basis of this disease, and the protection of a mother's health can prevent children coming from this disease. Healthy life is the basic right of every human being, by careful measures, diabetes can be avoided.Exercise on daily basis, proper food, and vegetable use should be included in the routine to control diabetes.