“Breast Cancer Awareness” Seminar in MTH

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“Breast Cancer Awareness” Seminar in MTH A seminar on “Breast Cancer Awareness” was organized by the Department of Surgery, Madinah Teaching Hospital (MTH) on October 21, 2021. Mainly female janitorial workers of MTH were addressed to spread the message for their awareness. Doctors from different departments of the hospital and, nursing staff also attended the seminar. Prof Dr Irshad Ahmad, Head Department of Surgery in his welcome address highlighted the importance of Breast Cancer awareness and early detection. Dr Sumaira Riaz, Head Community Medicine Department described methods of breast self-examination and different risk factors involved in breast cancer development. Prof Dr Saira Saleem, Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon of Madinah Teaching Hospital explained how we can diagnose cancer and treat it according to different cancer stages. Medical Superintendent Brig (Retd) Dr Munir Ahmad explained the objectives of the seminar and the need to spread the message of early and timely detection of the disease. Prof Dr AG Rehan shared his lifelong experience of management cancer and explained how diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer evolved with time.




Prof Dr AG Rehan, Ass Prof Dr Farhan Javed, Dr Munir Ahmad, Prof Dr Irshad Ahmad, Prof Dr Saira Saleem, Dr Sumaira Riaz shared their views.


Faculty Members of UMDC & MTH during the event.

An awareness walk participated by faculty members and students