Seminar Organized on “Menace of Drug Addiction among Youth”

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In order to create awareness about increasing drug addiction among youth, The University of Faisalabad on January 24, 2019 organized a seminar under the title of “Menace of Drug Addiction among Youth” in Health Sciences Campus. Dr Zahid Masood, Professor of Community Medicine, The University of Faisalabad while addressing the seminar uncover some bitter realities and said that the number of addicts is increasing at the rate of 40,000 per year making Pakistan one of the most drug-affected countries in the world. He lamented on the fact that most of the addicts are under the age of 24”. While talking about “Meth Ice addiction”, Dr Zahid told that it is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world has finally found a market in Pakistan. A major portion of victims includes our youth especially students males as well as females, Dr Masood added. It knocks out the part of the brain dealing with behaviour and emotions.

Dr Zahid Masood uncovering bitter realities about increasing number of drug addicts

This results in weight loss, as the drug acts as an appetite suppressant, tendency to act violently, especially when they can’t access the drug, paranoia and hallucinations, loss of sleep due to a chemical disruption in their brain, skin sores, severe mood swings can simulate psychosis and engage in risky behaviours. Seminar “Menace of Drug Addiction among Youth” Moreover Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Pro-Rector TUF, urged the students to regularly engage in healthy activities like regular prayer, sports, poster competitions and paintings to discourage the use of drugs. Strong legislation and law enforcement were needed to eradicate the suppliers. He further added. Dr Tariq Rasheed, Professor of Psychiatry, Madinah Teaching Hospital and Dr Uzma Sagheer, UMDC also spoke on the occasion.

Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Dr Tariq Rasheed and Dr Uzma Sagheer addressing the seminar