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On 11 March 2021, H.E.Adam Mulawarman Tugio, Indonesian ambassador to Pakistan, visited the University of Faisalabad with other officials Mr. Pramudya Sulaksono, Mr Syarif Shahbudin,Mr Heryanto, Mr. Muladi Mughni, Mr. Nadeem Akram. The purpose of this visit is to promote and enhance the academic relationship between Indonesia and Pakistan. The Host of the visit was Miss Dr. Hurbik Katsiaryna, Department Head of the English Department. Chairman BOG Muhammad Haider Amin, Ma’am Zaihda Maqbool, Muhammad Hamza, faculty members and department heads gave presentations about the facts and figures of the University.




H.E. Adam, M, Tugio with Chairman BOG and other faculty members

Adam .M Tugio inaugurated the new Auditorium of the university “Mukhtar Auditorium”. In Auditorium, the Guest of honour addressed the students and shared well wishes for the University and distributed the scholarship certificate among students.



H.E. Adam .M, Tugio inaugurated the Mukhtar Auditorium


Host Dr Hurbik Katsiaryna

While addressing with students and faculty members, he said that he is impressed by meeting with Chairman BOG Muhammad Haider Amin of the University of Faisalabad. He further said in his speech that “education is important in empowering us to get a better understanding in many fields of life. Education helps us to compete, to fight the issues of society.”He further said in his speech that” we share the same Islamic values and we are Muslim countries”, he quoted Muhammad Ali Jinnah and compared the black hat of the Quaid-e-Azam with the traditional Indonesian hat.


He encourages students to visit Indonesia and invites them to study in Indonesia. He felt proud to be part of this auspicious event. He said that he is inspired by the fact that many women are part of engineering, technology and mathematics fields which he marked as future faces of Pakistan,

H.E. Adam.M Tugio distributed scholarship certificates


He offered Indonesian language courses bachelors, master and doctorate programs and exchange programs to conduct research in Indonesian. He ended his speech by saying that “the future depends on you, the next generations; you are the honour of the future.”He congratulated the University of Faisalabad to empower the students. During campus visits, H.E. Adam M Tugio visited the facilities of campus and planted a plant in the Universities' football ground.

Indonesian ambassador addressed students

Chairman BOG, presented a shield of honoured to guest.


Guest sharing his Remarks in Visitor Book


H.E. Adam, M, Tugio is planting a plant in the ground of the University

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