Student Societies in TUF


Hostels have furnished rooms to accommodate around 1400 students. A number of facilities are provided in the hostels including TV lounges, common rooms, study rooms, Wi-Fi, prayer rooms and kitchens. Students residing in the hostels are expected to conform to rules and regulations framed from time to time.


  • Allotment for accommodation in the hostel is considered only after the Allotment Committee has scrutinized the application and satisfied itself of the merit and eligibility of the student and that his/her stay in the hostel shall in no way be prejudicial to the interest of other residents in hostel and the institution.
  • The hostel accommodation is given to students domiciled in places other than Faisalabad only.
  • Students are not allowed to reside in private hostels in Faisalabad.
  • The applications of female students for allotment of accommodation in the hostel are undertaken from parents/guardians on the prescribed form, photographs of authorized visitors and copies of National Identity Cards should be attached with application form. In case of foreign students, the recommendation and undertaking on the prescribed proforma for the admission, guarantee for payment of hostel dues and of good behavior will be obtained from respective embassies or consulates.
  • The management has made arrangement for uninterrupted supply of electricity in the University and hostel. The students are allowed to use their personal electrical appliances i.e. microwave oven and refrigerator with the permission of the hostel warden. Students have to pay additional cost as decided by the management.
  • Leave application must be submitted to the hostel warden. Girls cannot go outside the hostel/campus for shopping, visiting their relatives, or for recreation by themselves. They are required to submit leave proforma approved by the hostel warden while going home. Students, going home, should leave the hostel before sunset. Students are required to be back in the hostel before sunset. Female students are not allowed to receive any visitor except those nominated by their parents /guardians. Students must inform their intending guests about the visiting hours in the hostel.
  • Visiting hours: Sunday 8:00 am to sunset


The university has out-sourced transport to facilitate students in their pick and drop from and to the University.