Registrar Office


The University of Faisalabad runs on a meticulous administrative framework, with registrar office heading all responsibilities for the common seal and the academic records of the University. Registrar maintains a log of registered graduates at University and is the secretary to the Board of Governors, the Academic Council, the Selection Board, and the Board of Advanced Studies and Research. Being the sole facilitator for students, faculty and administration, Registrar office holds immense accuracy, integrity and appropriate confidentiality of academic systems of the institution while supporting the university community in matters pertaining to transcripts, academic calendars, academic policies and the course catalogue and degree verifications etc.

The office has to conduct all affairs as per regulations and policies inscribed by Board of Governors, as assigned in the Charter of the University while assisting in its interpretation, application, modification and further development for an efficient scheme of administrative services. Over the years, this office has led remarkable administrative affairs through a team of dedicated and learned professionals and officers, and has kept the stature of The University of Faisalabad with utmost dignity and professionalism.

Few responsibilities that come under this structure are as follows:

  • Student recruitment and admissions.
  • The integrity of student academic records and academic quality insurance.
  • Maintenance of the University's database of student course registrations, grades and academic progression and issuing transcripts.
  • Governance and implementation of curricula, academic standards and policies
  • The University's convocation ceremonies, including the preparation of degree and diploma certificates.
  • Providing secretariat support to the University's academic committees.
  • Assisting members of the University community in the interpretation of regulations.
  • Organizing and keeping record of meetings of the University Statutory Bodies.
  • Recruitment, employment and development of employees and their record keeping.
  • Awarding of scholarships and provision of financial aid to needy students.

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