The University of Faisalabad is prospering to provide a multi-faceted academic model in Medical, Engineering, Management, Arts and Social Sciences in accordance with our objective of providing premium quality education with state-of-the-art technical and physical infrastructure, responsible leadership, professional development and advanced research facilities. In recent years, TUF has been taking initiatives for a comprehensive and structural reform and entered a new era of unprecedented growth. I am pleased to see that our progress is being recognized on national and international levels. TUF is aspiring to cultivate an academic community with unprecedented and inspirational leadership skills, critical thinking and high-impact research, development and entrepreneurial focal.

Pakistan is already in manifestation with best practice of rendering environmental, cultural and social sustainability with various management techniques. We inculcate spirited enthusiasm amongst our creative young minds to strive confidently for Innovation, Integrity, and Sincerity. In order to establish better infrastructure solutions, faster project completions, achieve greater return on investments, appraise early risks, achieve cost containments and better lift cycles of the projects, Public Private Partnership is the dire need of the time. The University of Faisalabad invites you to embark on this aspiring journey, where we lead into new frontiers of innovation and emerging technologies with our prestigious faculty members and research collaborators, under various multi-disciplinary programmes in research led, knowledge driven environment. We are looking forward to welcoming you at The University of Faisalabad and to find together ways to benefit from our potentials.