The Publication office at The University of Faisalabad is an extraordinary body facilitating in promotion of institutes’ achievements to the world by diligently holding responsibility for all the main publications produced by institute’s graduates and scholars and its research and project-related activities through a mix of print and electronic media. With an objective to provide platform for research communication, our publications span over a range of formats including research journals, newsletter, prospectus, brochures, short-form articles, blog posts, videos and photo essays etc.

At TUF, we strive for excellence in research and scholarship by empowering the published work and making it available to masses. The scholars of our institute are publishing over a vast array of subjects ranging from history, technology, sciences, philosophy, medical etc.—and approve each publication with the assistance of professors familiar with the work in question who have read and reviewed it in detail. The publication office strives in creating comprehensive resources to support high impact research with high quality materials for professional and academic references.

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