On 13 March 2021, the Entrepreneur society organized the workshop in the Engineering campus of the University of Faisalabad. The workshop name is “Improve your study strategies –study smart”.The guest speaker of the workshop is Dr Malkah Noor Kiani, assistant professor in University. The workshop was attended by students and faculty members of the Management sciences department. In the workshop, Dr Malkha Noor explained the Different scientific ways of study. The purpose of organizing this workshop is to get students to nurture their critical thinking and guide them to do self-learning. The students and faculty members actively participated in the workshop and asked questions with the guest speaker

Faculty members and students listening, lecturer

Dr Malkha Noor presenting a lecture to students

The targeted audience of this workshop is MS and PhD students of Management science. The workshop started with the name of Allah and Naat Sharif. Dr Malkha Noor delivered the comprehensive details lecture on Scientific ways, which are marked as crucial ways to study rather than focus on cramming. At the end of the workshop, other management sciences faculty members also presented their views and opinions about the workshops. Overall, the session was very informative for students as well as faculty members.

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