Workshop on “Citations and References”

A workshop entitled, “Citations and references” was conducted to familiarize the research Scholars with the citation and reference methods under the American Psychological Association (APA) and Vancouver style. The workshop was divided into two parts. In the first part, the resource person Dr. Faisal Mahmood (Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies.



The University of Faisalabad) presented and extensively discussed about the citation methods i.e., parenthetical and narrative under APA and Vancouver styles. The common mistakes while making citations through the software like Endnote were discussed and the solutions were provided to avoid such mistakes. Further, the contents concerning the references style and essential parts of a reference were explained by concentrating on how to make a manual reference so that the participants can understand the basic format and requirements under each style.



Whereas, in the second part of the workshop, two activities were conducted to enrich the participant’s practical knowledge about the contents discussed in the first part. The first activity was to insert citations while using Endnote, and the second activity was designed to find out the mistakes in the reference list by using Endnote or some other source. Overall, the participants’ feedback was very good and they enjoyed the whole session by commenting that such workshops are essential to enhance their skills and knowledge while writing and reading a research document.

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