Workshop on “Career Counseling”

A workshop on “Career Counselling” was organized for students of Optometry in Saleem campus on 20th December. Dr Fatima Iqbal, Dr Zahra Alamgir, Dr Shamin, Dr Shagufta and Dr Iqra were the guest speakers.

In first session, “Scope of Optometry around the globe” was discussed by the exerts, while second session was panel discussion on “Optometrist as an academic, researchers and entrepreneur”. The experts provided invaluable insights into the academic aspects, emphasizing the importance of a strong educational foundation for aspiring optometrists.

The panel discussion delved into the diverse career paths within optometry, shedding light on opportunities in academia, researchers, and entrepreneurship. All the speakers highlighted the significance of continuous learning and staying updated with advancements in optometry for a successful academic career. The experts shared experiences regarding internships, emphasizing the practical skills and hands-on experience for professional growth. Entrepreneurial aspects were discussed also for the field’s development.

Overall, the workshop under the supervision of faculty members of department of Optometry provided a holistic understanding of the optometry profession, inspiring participants to consider various avenues for a rewarding and impactful career.

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