Dr Sumera Riaz, Associate Professor Community Medicine moderated this webinar and highlighted the background of this year’s theme. The objective was to throw light on the current strategies being deployed under Pakistan’s malaria control programs and special attention was also given to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on these prevention activities in developing countries such as Pakistan. Guest speaker Dr Mohammed Zulqarnain, currently serving as District Health Program Coordinator for Epidemics Control, Faisalabad District, gave a brief overview of Pakistan’s malaria control program. He shared his field experience with the audience and highlighted data and protocols regarding house surveys in the Faisalabad district which serve as part of the larvae control measures being applied among the high-risk populations. The webinar was concluded with a live Q&A session for 4th-year MBBS students of University Medical and Dental College.




Webinar on “World Malaria Day” by the Department of Community Medicine, UMDC.

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