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Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Tabassum (Managing Director, GeoBand Lahore) have delivered a lecture through Webinar on Friday, 26th March 2021 on the Topic: “Roller Compacted Concrete in Dam Construction” to Civil Engineering Department Faculty and Students. He described the benefits of roller compacted concrete in light of strength of the dam and economy of the project. He shared his experience of a project of Wadi Dayqah Dam Project, which is situated near Mazara village, about 130 km South East of Muscat, and about 20 km South West of Quriyat town, Oman. He concluded that best quality of RCC (Roller compacted concrete) can only be achieved with the best parameters of Compaction, Compressive strength, Hydraulic Conductivity and Heat of hydration. Hydraulic Conductivity and Heat of hydration as controlling factors of RCC are recommended topics of the future research studies.




Introduction of the topic




Benefits of using roller compacted concrete