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School of Optometry conducted a two-day workshop on “How to perform research, from proposal to publication”. Topics ranged from the selection of research topic to proper statistical application and use of citation software. The main aim of this workshop was to identify, motivate and prepare health care professionals for conducting research in their respective professional institution in collaboration. The workshop was facilitated by international and national resource persons including Dr Hashim Ali Khan, consultant optometrist and Fellow American Academy of Optometry, Editor-in-chief of Journal “Inside Optometry”.

Dr Hashim Ali Khan facilitating audience on Ophthalmic Research methodologies


Ophthalmic Research is a branch of ophthalmic sciences that deals with the eye anatomy, physiology and eye disorders. The research mainly focuses on medical and surgical techniques and treatments involved in the management of eye diseases. Moreover, the clinical ophthalmic research involving eye disorders, vision, medical, surgical and optical care.