NCA Lahore Study Tour: A Journey of Inspiration and Innovation

On the 27th of January 2023, a group of enthusiastic students from the Department of Interior Design embarked on an enlightening journey to the National College of Arts (NCA) in Lahore. The purpose of this captivating study tour was to witness the thesis displays of NCA students and ignite a flame of creativity among our own students. The visit aimed to motivate, inspire, and provide an opportunity for our aspiring designers to observe and learn new concepts and ideas from their contemporaries in the field.

The NCA, renowned for its rich artistic legacy and cutting-edge creativity, proved to be an ideal destination for our students to explore diverse artistic disciplines. The day was filled with a kaleidoscope of colors and inspiration, as students had the chance to delve into the world of Fine Arts, Visual Communication and Design, Visual Arts, Textiles, Musicology, Film Making, Print Making, Ceramics, and Architecture.

The visit provided a unique platform for cross-disciplinary learning, allowing our interior design students to expand their horizons beyond their immediate focus. They had the opportunity to interact with NCA students and faculty, engaging in stimulating discussions and gaining valuable insights into the various subject matters and strategies to execute their projects.



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