Entrepreneurship as a Force of Change

Ms Vladimira Briestenska, Founder of Neem and The Future Farm Pakistan/Slovakia, Europe and Mr Nadeem Shaikh, Founder at Neem Exponential, Digital Financial Services in Pakistan; Founder at Future Farm, Entrepreneurs Mental Health, United Kingdom visited The University of Faisalabad on March 30, 2022. During the meeting with Ms Zahida Maqbool, Additional Registrar, Dr Amna Javed, Manager International Linkages, Dr Arshia Hashmi, Head Department of Management Studies and other Heads of Departments, the guests were briefed about TUF and other welfare projects of Madinah Foundation.

Ms Vladimira and Mr Nadeem Shaikh visited various departments of the University and Madinah Teaching Hospital (MTH). They appreciated the state of the art infrastructure of the University and philanthropic activities of Madinah Foundation for providing free health care facilities at MTH. Later, in Ali Auditorium, a panel discussion on “Entrepreneurship as a Force of Change" was also conducted participated by Ms Vladimira, Mr Nadeem Shaikh, Ms Zahida Maqbool, Dr Amna Javed, Dr Arshia Hashmi, Prof Dr Sundus Tariq, Prof Dr Saba Tariq and Dr Komal Atta.

Large number of faculty members and students were present to listen the valuable discussion. Ms Vladimira and Mr Nadeem Shaikh lauded the efforts of Ms Zahida Maqbool and her team for women empowerment.





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