Empowering Creativity: Department of Design and Interiors Inspires Students with Performance Art Workshop

In collaboration with esteemed faculty members from National Textile University, the Department of Design and Interiors of The University of Faisalabad came together on the 28th of December 2022 to host an innovative and empowering workshop centered on performance art narratives. This workshop aimed to engage students in dynamic performance activities and boost their self-confidence through creative exercises and records.

In a dynamic and interactive setting, students were immersed in the world of performance art, guided by experienced mentors from both institutions. The primary objective was to encourage students to explore various facets of performance art, including theater, dance, and visual storytelling. Through these diverse activities, participants were not only able to unlock their creative potential but also to find a platform for their unique self-expression.

The workshop featured a captivating array of hands-on exercises and collaborative projects, challenging the boundaries of conventional design and interior education. Students were allowed to experiment with space, movement, and storytelling, gaining valuable insights into how these elements can intersect to create immersive experiences.

A highlight of the event was the students' presentation of their performance narratives. This platform allowed students to apply the knowledge gained during the workshop and exhibit their newfound skills in front of their peers, further enhancing their self-confidence and public speaking abilities.

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