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It am pleased to welcome you in the Department of Management Studies. We are proud to mention that we are the oldest and most prominent business Department in Faisalabad. We keep the nice blend of coursework and projects. The Department endows students with the ability to apply knowledge effectively as entrepreneurs in multidisciplinary teams and provides leadership skills through ethical approaches. Extraordinary achievements of our alumni speak volumes about the quality of education at our business Department. We are fully dedicated in enhancing our student's potential, satisfying their thirst for learning and helping them to succeed in their endeavors. Based on my assessment of the outstanding team of current faculty members, I assure you that you will find every faculty member to go the extra mile in helping you so that you will excel in your chosen field of study.

The students are encouraged to participate in workshops, attend seminars and professional development lectures. Besides that, interactions with business leaders and other accomplished people not only expand their networks but also apprise them at various strategies of success. Not to mention, education is imparted in an extremely congenial environment and instructors deploy multiple teaching methods to facilitate the teaching process. Active engagement during class room sessions enhances student's problem solving and analytical skills and establishes a framework for analysis. Come and join us in this exciting voyage of self-discovery and startling business revelations.


We are equally committed to develop best business researchers to join hands with business professional graduate of TUF for continuous corporate and economic sustainability in real sense.


Department of Management Studies is multi fold: We are proud and committed to develop professional, adaptive and successful business graduates to enhance corporate culture by participating in new business enterprises to stage Pakistan as growing intellectually and economically.



Objective 1: To be a leading research-intensive Department

To show its research commitment the department is successfully running its post graduate programs including MS and PhD. We belief that at postgraduate levels that greater individual attention can be given to fostering the intellectual development of students. A general distinction can be made between postgraduate students enrolled for research degrees and those enrolled for professional degrees. Postgraduate research students are a major engine for producing new knowledge. The future emphasis will therefore fall on research students — Master’s, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral students — through active recruitment strategies and appropriate academic and financial support. In addition, attention will be devoted to providing a high-quality environment and study programmes to enable postgraduate success.

Objective 2: Contribute to strengthen the University’s international profile

In today’s competitive environment the most of Universities are striving to develop or improve the international visibility and recognition in areas of importance the business Schools. Examples includes Research, Social responsibility, Accreditation with business council, external affiliation. So, in order to maximise the international and national impact of the department is increasing its research resources, and in future we are aimed to doubling the current research output with national and international affiliations. we are striving to win HEC funded projects. This will enable critical mass and synergies to be achieved.

Although these research commitments will take centre-stage in the department’s strategies, other research initiatives will continue in line with disciplinary strength and research capacity. Further, while internal differentiation is necessary, it is important to build the research-intensive base by setting minimum research standards for all academic departments.

Objective 3: To strengthen the University’s impact on economic and social

Developing and attracting highly skilled, research orientated, academics will be essential in implementing the University’s strategies. The department’s focus will be on:

  • Encouraging and Supporting staff in obtaining doctoral or equivalent qualifications; and
  • developing a diverse and excellent cadre of young academics through succession planning, and by increasing the pool of doctoral graduates.

These strategies too will require a flexible and differentiated approach to managing the creative tension between teaching and research, and the diverse profile of staff in terms of interests, talent and expertise.

Objective 4: To pursue excellence in teaching and learning

Effective teaching and learning are key to fulfilling the primary function of the University, i.e., to producing knowledgeable and high-level skilled graduates in line with the needs of the country‘s, more specifically Faisalabad’s industry, and to replenishing our own human capital needs and those of other knowledge institutions. Also, quality teaching at undergraduate levels lays the foundation for postgraduate studies and is closely tied to the strategic goal of raising the department’s as well as University’s international profile through research. Taken together, this means:

  • Developing an inquiry-led curriculum in building the foundation for knowledge, high-level skills and the pipeline of postgraduate students and researchers.
  • Embedding a question-based approach in undergraduate teaching and using assessment as a tool for learning.
  • Recognising the diversity of learning styles, experiences and histories represented within the student body and responding in ways that creatively harness this variation.
  • Providing multiple learning opportunities in a resource-rich environment in support of teaching and learning, and considering the most effective “blended” learning model to adopt.
  • Focusing on the attributes desired in a research-led university that simultaneously develop skilled and compassionate students and graduates that can engage with developmental issues and compete in the global marketplace of the developed and developing world.

The crux of the department’s teaching and learning strategy will be to deliver independent learners who fit the profile of a research-intensive university, wherever their future career trajectories may lead — replenishing the human capital for the University, or as high-level skilled professionals entering the public or private sectors.

Objective 5: To increase access, throughput, and diversity

Engagement with society and communities flows from the University’s teaching and research functions. In this light, support will be lent primarily to curricular and research- related forms of community engagement, and to developing desirable attributes in students. In essence, community engagement is about civic responsibility and citizenship, and linking the best of the research and teaching skills of the staff and students to the specific needs of this diverse community, thus giving effect to one of the “public good” dimensions of universities. In turn, student life and the attributes developed while students are at university are enriched through their service and engagement.



Department of Management Studies at The University of Faisalabad is one of the leading and oldest business Departments in Faisalabad. The Department aims to provide best possible learning opportunities to students in order to create future entrepreneurs and researchers. Placements and achievements of Department’s alumni speak volumes about its accomplishments with regards to stated goals. The Department has designed BBA, MBA and MS programs keeping in view the needs of their students. While BBA and MBA programs focus on preparing future entrepreneurs and corporate managers. Our MS Management program is designed to prepare students for their doctoral studies. The university administration is committed to facilitate students for their learning endeavors in every possible way.

Character building and personal growth of students through lectures, seminars and social events is our pride. Social events are regularly conducted in and outside the Wing for professional growth and ethical training of students. Furthermore, the students routinely participate in community services activities arranged by the university administration. Active participation of student body in arrangement of the ‘Mass Marriages Program’ conducted every year, and helping needy patients at Madinah Teaching Hospital by contributing for the ‘Blood Donation Society’ shows their commitment towards socially responsible activities.

Department of Management Studies offers the following degree programs at The University of Faisalabad.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Master of Business Administration(Regular & Executive)
  • Master of Science (MS) in Management

For BA/BSc/BCom graduates the duration for MBA regular Degree Program is 7 semesters. For BBA (4 years) or graduates completing 16 years of education the duration will be 3 to 4 semesters. The graduates with 16 years professional degree are also eligible for admission in MBA Regular Program. The minimum duration of (MS Management) is 4 semesters.


The business graduates usually find out of handling businesses of various sizes. They also discover the relationships between businesses and the communities that they serve. Studying a business management course might help you on your way to becoming a leader in business environment, Business adviser, Business analyst, Business development manager, Corporate investment banker, Data analyst, Data scientist, Forensic accountant, Insurance underwriter, Management consultant, Project manager, Risk manager, Stockbroker, Supply chain manager and many more.



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