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Gladly admitted to the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies. It is an integral part of Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies. The prime target of the Department is to motivate the students and scholars for studying their own Islamic interest. The department aims to promote the study of Islamic thoughts and offers an opportunity to study Islam on Graduate & Post Graduate level. The M Phil and Ph.D. programs in the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies cover the general areas of Islam with special focus on the modern and contemporary issues. The world of Islam, in general and Pakistan in particular is confronted with many challenges, the solution of which lies only in following the teachings of Islam in letter and spirit. To familiarize the Muslim youth with contemporary ideologies and philosophies threatening the very existence of Islamic communities and train them in the methods to combat their influence in the Muslim world. So intender the importance of Arabic language and Islamic Studies, the curriculum of Islamic Studies and Arabic has been designed to acquaint the students with as much Islamic knowledge as can enable them to cope with the situation for which they must have command over basic sources of Islam. Degree programs of Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies developed for the future requirements of global Islamic society. Its aims at preparing graduate equipped with leadership qualities and professional expertise beside excellence in Arabic and Islamic studies. On successful completion of the degree, The University of Faisalabad aspire its graduates to have emerged as capable of rendering scholarly contributions towards development of new socio economics horizon in the community. May Almighty Allah guide and help us all in achieving the goal (Ameen).

Prof Dr Matloob Ahmed

Head of Department


Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies is striving with missionary spirit for the upbringing of the students according to the parameters of Islamic education. Focus of the Department is on character building of students in the light of Quran and sunnah. So that they may be able to get actual insight of Religion and contemporary worldwide issues in the right perspective as well. The department focuses on producing graduates with balanced personality required for the bright future of the modern Islamic society. To equip individuals with knowledge in Arabic and Islamic studies and serve the community as Imams, Islamic and Arabic teachers, Muslim preachers through effective teaching and research.


Our vision is to become a leading International center of educational excellence which is about to restore the energetic and progressive role of the Muslim Ummah in all branches of knowledge and cerebral discourse. It aims to fulfill our future vision about latest trends and theories in the field of their specialization. To Develop motivation among students, the quality of their participation in the learning process shall be enhanced through mutual discussions, creative thinking, Islamic research and extension lectures.


Main Objective of this department is to introduce Islam as the religion of peace, tolerance and mutual harmony. The academic achievement of program has been envisaged in its principal goals and objectives determined as under:

• Reconstruction of Islamic Thought and Civilization through teaching and research in modern perspective based on the Qur'an and Sunnah.

• To evolve strong mechanism for producing generation of scholar committed to play a vital role in the enhancement of if Islamic culture and civilization.

• To develop scholastic attitude and collective struggle among graduates for understanding research based on real quest of knowledge and true spirit of Islamic civilization.

• To create awareness and motivation among masses through our graduates for adopting life style based on universal principle of justice, fraternity and brotherhood.

• To acquaint students with similar efforts in other parts of the world.

• To promote the tolerance, brotherhood, unity among the Muslim Ummah, moderation, broadmindedness, love with mortal and other values through academic activities.


Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies is one of the oldest Department of, The University of Faisalabad and was founded in 2002 to fulfill the need of scholars of Islamic studies and Arabic. The program integrates modern professional skills with core Islamic Studies and social disciplines.
The faculty of Arabic and Islamic studies after realizing its significance has started BS programs both in Islamic Studies and Arabic and research projects from BS to Post graduate levels. It has open opportunities for the youth to do research work at M Phil level leading to attaining PhD. It provides the theological, spiritual and religious standing to the society of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Our students must be able to solve the contemporary issues and introduce Islam as a religion of peace, tolerance and mutual harmony to the people of Pakistan.
Arabic language is one of the advanced languages of the world. In spite of being the oldest language it stand amongst the living languages of the world. Its importance in Muslim society or a country becomes utmost and especially for us in Pakistan. Moreover, the majesty of the Muslim civilization, culture and the salinity of the Muslim Arab found in this prestigious language. Short courses concerning Fehm-e-Qur’an and Dor-e-Tafseer e Quran also offered. Department also conducted different seminars, workshops and conferences in respect of different Islamic events, religious personalities and contemporary issues in the field of Islamic Studies and Arabic throughout the year in collaboration with Religious Society of The University of Faisalabad.
On completion of the program the graduates will have profound capabilities to serve the nation in true spirit of Islam. They are providing their services in educational research and religious institutions.


All degree program of Department of Arabic and Islamic studies aims at producing graduates with job creating abilities through discovering new fields of operations as well as developing new strategies of work. Equipped with the abilities to use modern techniques and skills, they will become eligible for tremendous job opportunities in both public and private sectors particularly in following areas:

• Teaching in educational institutes on different levels

• Great opportunities in Embassies

• Served as a Translators

• Great opportunities Awuqaf

• Human resource Development programs

• Banking sector, particularly Islamic banking operations

• Excellent career in research and development

• A broad spectrum of socio religious community services especially those of civil society organizations

• A vast scope of socio commercial management



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