It am pleased to welcome you in the Department of Management Studies. We are proud to mention that we are the oldest and most prominent business Department in Faisalabad. We keep the nice blend of coursework and projects. The Department endows students with the ability to apply knowledge effectively as entrepreneurs in multidisciplinary teams and provides leadership skills through ethical approaches. Extraordinary achievements of our alumni speak volumes about the quality of education at our business Department. We are fully dedicated in enhancing our student's potential, satisfying their thirst for learning and helping them to succeed in their endeavors. Based on my assessment of the outstanding team of current faculty members, I assure you that you will find every faculty member to go the extra mile in helping you so that you will excel in your chosen field of study.

The students are encouraged to participate in workshops, attend seminars and professional development lectures. Besides that, interactions with business leaders and other accomplished people not only expand their networks but also apprise them at various strategies of success. Not to mention, education is imparted in an extremely congenial environment and instructors deploy multiple teaching methods to facilitate the teaching process. Active engagement during class room sessions enhances student's problem solving and analytical skills and establishes a framework for analysis. Come and join us in this exciting voyage of self-discovery and startling business revelations.

Dr Muhammad Azeem Ahmad

PhD Management Sciences


To innovate though academic leadership, while creating value for business and society by disseminating the science, skills and practice of management.


• Leading for Research and Educational Excellence through best practices in Global academia.
• Empowering all for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.
• Engaging students and faculty to transform Business and Technology


National Business School has defined the Program Objective with the consent of stakeholders from Academia and Industry. The POs already approved by statutory bodies to align with University’s vision and mission statements. 
Following are the POs for NBS graduates:

PO1: Research and Continuous Learning 
Students will develop an aptitude for research and continuous learning by developing new skills through critical thinking that will help them in solving contemporary challenges in business and managerial continuum.
PO2: Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
Students will attain competencies of innovative thinking to pursue entrepreneurship 
PO3: Leadership skills and Business Environment
Through active engagements with curricular and co-curricular activities, student will acquire team working skills as well as leadership qualities cognizant of a holistic business environment.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

PLO1:    The students will be able to apply the basic knowledge in the applied business and management continuum.
PLO2:    The students will be able to exploit opportunities and solve problems through applying critical and analytical skills.
PLO3:    The students will be able to manifest creativity and innovation through a systematic research process.
PLO4:    The students will be able to exhibit intra-and-entrepreneurial activities.
PLO5:    The students will be able to build effective teams and exploit synergy through effective interactions.
PLO6:    The students will be able to ensure compliance to ethical standards and obey laws and regulations.
PLO7:    The students will be able to learn business environment through effective market research.
PLO8:    The students will be able to manage the business project units through managerial and leadership skills.
PLO9:    The student will be able to acquire lifelong learning and utilize it in contemporary business needs.


Department of Management Studies at The University of Faisalabad is one of the leading and oldest business Departments in Faisalabad. The Department aims to provide best possible learning opportunities to students in order to create future entrepreneurs and researchers. Placements and achievements of Department’s alumni speak volumes about its accomplishments with regards to stated goals. The Department has designed BBA, MBA and MS programs keeping in view the needs of their students. While BBA and MBA programs focus on preparing future entrepreneurs and corporate managers. Our MS Management program is designed to prepare students for their doctoral studies. The university administration is committed to facilitate students for their learning endeavors in every possible way.

Character building and personal growth of students through lectures, seminars and social events is our pride. Social events are regularly conducted in and outside the Wing for professional growth and ethical training of students. Furthermore, the students routinely participate in community services activities arranged by the university administration. Active participation of student body in arrangement of the ‘Mass Marriages Program’ conducted every year, and helping needy patients at Madinah Teaching Hospital by contributing for the ‘Blood Donation Society’ shows their commitment towards socially responsible activities.

Department of Management Studies offers the following degree programs at The University of Faisalabad.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Master of Business Administration(Regular & Executive)
  • Master of Science (MS) in Management

For BA/BSc/BCom graduates the duration for MBA regular Degree Program is 7 semesters. For BBA (4 years) or graduates completing 16 years of education the duration will be 3 to 4 semesters. The graduates with 16 years professional degree are also eligible for admission in MBA Regular Program. The minimum duration of (MS Management) is 4 semesters.


The business graduates usually find out of handling businesses of various sizes. They also discover the relationships between businesses and the communities that they serve. Studying a business management course might help you on your way to becoming a leader in business environment, Business adviser, Business analyst, Business development manager, Corporate investment banker, Data analyst, Data scientist, Forensic accountant, Insurance underwriter, Management consultant, Project manager, Risk manager, Stockbroker, Supply chain manager and many more.

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