The vision of the Department of Law, TUF is to become a renowned department on National level imparting high standards of quality legal education to the aspirant lawyers and judges, and to be recognized as a leading research oriented law department on international level.


The main mission of the Department of Law, TUF, is to Impart quality legal education and to accomplish this mission, the department has the following goals: •The department aims to produce high quality graduates who may lead the legal profession and legal academia in the near future, who shall be ready to serve the society. •The focus of the department is produce high quality and international standard research that shall strive for the rule of law & protection of the rights of the people; and •The department intends to formulate innovative techniques for the teaching and training of Pakistani law that shall be aligned with the international standards of legal education.


The main objective of the program is to provide quality legal education to the young aspirants of the field. To honor and achieve this objective, we will try to produce such graduates who will excel and shine in the local market. We will also train them in a way that they also become able and eligible to compete in the international job market related to law. The main equipment of the students through this journey would include critical analysis, thinking out of the box, extremely high quality communication skills, negotiation skills, legal research & writing, professionalism and hi-tech knowledge of alternate dispute resolution mechanism. We will also develop a solid foundation of the graduates in identifying different career paths as in the field of law, there are numerous career opportunities. A law degree empowers law graduates to serve the society, raise their voice against violence, injustice, inequality, crimes against humanity, and suppression by oppressors.


The Department of Law was established in Fall-2021. It is now in the initial stage of becoming one of the most prestigious institutions in the field of legal education in Pakistan. The teaching methodology is designed to enable our students to acquire professional skills and enhance their capacity of Legal Analysis, Legal Research and Writing, Legal Problem Solving, Client Services and Professional Responsibility.


  • Graduates of this program are in high demand in the legal profession and in other fields in which professional analytical skills are required. They go on to have successful, interesting and varied careers in a range of job sectors.
  • Private practice as litigation lawyer
  • Join the judicial services either in lower judiciary or higher judiciary
  • Legal advisors to different national/local and international organizations
  • Academia
  • Local and International Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Financial institutions
  • The Civil Superior Service
  • The Provincial Services
  • Jobs in Regulatory Bodies
  • Jobs in Research and Policymaking bodies, both in Pakistan and overseas.

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