Build a strong research and teaching environment that responds swiftly to the challenges of the 21st century.


To develop in our students the deep technical, problem solving, and leadership skills needed to create new computing technologies and to harness software to empower people, organizations, and society.


  • To prepare the students to achieve proficiency in software development, problem analysis, software design and the use of programming languages and tools
  • To provide the students with substantial knowledge of a broad range of problem-solving techniques which include algorithms and design techniques
  • To demonstrate understanding of the core areas of algorithms, theory of computation, operating systems, linguistics of programming languages and architecture
  • To enable the students to apply concepts of discrete and continuous mathematics
  • To develop strong communication skills with due emphasis on the tools of effective writing.


Department of Computer Sciences started in the year 2012. The degree program offered by Department of Computer Sciences paves the way to suit the needs of students and transform them into professionals, keeping in view the technical requirements of I.T & Software Industry and services in institutions. Department of Computer Sciences is firmly committed to providing quality education for undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The Department of Computer Sciences offers many opportunities to expand intellectual horizons of students through interactive lecture series and innovative projects in our advanced courses.

Research Groups:

 Blockchain and Computational Intelligence Group (BCIT)

The Blockchain and Computational Intelligence Group (BCIT) is a dynamic research community within the Computer Science department comprising esteemed faculty members, as well as MS and PhD students. The group is committed to advancing the fields of blockchain technology and computational intelligence through rigorous research and collaborative efforts. BCIT's research interests encompass a diverse array of topics, including blockchain technology and its applications, smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps), and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. BCIT takes pride in its significant contributions to both the academic and professional communities, addressing real-world problems and driving scientific and technological advancements in blockchain and computational intelligence. The group has numerous publications in esteemed conferences and journal papers, and has actively participated in various summits, conferences, and academic journals, underscoring its role as a leader in innovative research and development.

Biomedical Imaging and Analysis Research Group (BIARG)

The Biomedical Imaging and Analysis Research Group (BIARG) is a pioneering research collective dedicated to advancing the frontiers of biomedical imaging technology and analysis. Comprised of multidisciplinary experts spanning fields such as medical imaging, computer science, biophysics, and clinical research, BIAG is committed to harnessing cutting-edge imaging techniques and computational methodologies to address critical challenges in healthcare diagnostics and therapeutics. Leading the group with Ms. Hina Zafar, a Ph.D. scholar at TUF, and Ms. Knwal, a Ph.D. scholar at TUF as active member of group, our mission is to develop innovative imaging algorithms, image processing techniques, and analytical tools that empower clinicians and researchers to extract meaningful insights from biomedical imaging data, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and enhanced understanding of disease mechanisms. Through collaborative partnerships, interdisciplinary research endeavors, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, BIAG aims to drive innovation and make significant contributions to the field of biomedical imaging and analysis.


The graduates are equipped with a broad understanding of business practice and a huge range of personal skills that enable them to achieve the desired goals. The graduates are prepared to join professional positions in information technology centered organizations, in the corporate sector, industry, government and other professional arenas. The graduates will have opportunities to start their professional career as Computer Scientists, Systems Analysts, Quality Assurance Specialists, Database Programmer/Designers, Application Developers, Systems and Software Engineers, Software Developers, Information Security Specialists, Multimedia Specialists/ Programmers and Computer Animation Experts.

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